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The Supply Chain and Logistics Brain Trust


We are constantly building our group of high-caliber independent advisers to help our clients solve their most important challenges. 

Independent advisory work with ONTEGOS combines flexibility, choice, and control you get as an independent professional, while allowing you to work with top-quality clients and colleagues.


In general, ONTEGOS independent advisers have decades of experience working at top logistics, supply chain, and transportation companies as head of products, countries, and functions. We are also happy to hear from professionals in supply chain / logistics roles in their respective industries 


The majority of our work is in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. We are particularly keen to hear from professionals with track records in the above markets with a willingness to travel.

If you would like to explore independent advisory opportunities with ONTEGOS, please send your CV with a brief outline of your situation and aspirations to: 

Bäumligasse 6, Riehen 4125, Switzerland

+41 793 42 4040

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