ONTEGOS analysts work alongside our experienced leadership team and independent specialists to tackle important business issues in the logistics and supply chain sector.



Our analysts are provided with a unique development opportunity with the very support of our outstanding independent consultants whose backgrounds are in internationally renowned firms. You will be exposed to the real commercial world and cultivating a sense of pragmatism and project-orientation.




A Bachelor's or Master's degree is required. You should have a record of outstanding academic and personal achievement. You should have specific passion in this industry and enjoy working in a small team. Communication skill, problem-solving skill, leadership and rigor are needed. You will be required to deliver elements of our clients and projects as well as providing solutions to key problems. You are expected to be confident, creative and energetic.




We are currently hiring for positions in Beijing, Hong Kong, Chennai and Basel

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ONTEGOS is a leading knowledge center in the Logistics and Supply Chain industry. We engage with established and start-up companies to address complex challenges and shape the future of the logistics and supply chain industry.